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I Bought Elvis Presley’s, Private Jet.

I Bought Elvis Presley's Private Jet.
I Bought Elvis Presley’s, Private Jet.

Elvis Presley’s private jet.

Elvis Presley’s private jet was a Lockheed Jetstar, which he named “Lisa Marie” after his daughter. The jet was purchased by Presley in 1975 and was one of the first privately owned jets in the United States. The Jetstar was equipped with luxurious amenities including a gold-plated sink, velvet-covered couches, and a stereo system.

Presley used the jet to travel around the country for his concerts and personal trips. The interior of the jet was designed to reflect his personal style and was said to be decorated in his favorite colors of red and gold. The exterior of the jet was painted with the Graceland logo, which was the crest of Elvis’ estate.

After Presley’s death in 1977, the jet was sold and has changed hands several times over the years. The current whereabouts of the Lisa Marie are not publicly known, but it is believed to be in storage and not in use.

Overall, Elvis Presley’s private jet was a reflection of his status as a legendary musician and cultural icon, and it continues to be an important part of his legacy.

I Bought Elvis Presley's Private Jet For $234,000

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